26 January 2008

Quite old, though, still true regarding doctors and their affinity to everything that beeps:


What’s up, doc?

14 January 2008

white coat, stethoscope, loads of intimidating questions AND no time…

(well, I think a disambiguation will follow later on 😉 )

“I want that! We need that! I’ve ordered broadband on my own, what do YOU want to tell me about IT?… ” 

…without stopping or even listening to understanding the concerns from IT…

But they don’t want

-to have research data stolen

-to have patient data (medical NOR accounting) stolen

-some CT or MRI scanner losing their huge amount of thin-sliced-human-data

-patient monitors not working

-any kind of computer-sent lab result being inaccurate or being unattended

-bluescreens in computer-based surgery (knee or hip surgery i.e.)

-phones not working

-internet not working

-email not working

and of course they don’t want to have one of their clients patients to die because of one of these malfunctions…

so please listen to me!

I’m from IT!

please doctor please

please gimme a chance


my knowledge hid behind arrogance

so even the white coat

is too small to fit

maybe that’s why I have to take all this



where is the problem

you want to have solved?

is it therefore (out of slime)

the IT guy evolved?